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Environmental Health

As a chronically ill person fighting a life threatening disease, it became a serious task of cleaning out our home of ALL toxins. It was in the summer of 2005 that I used Comet for the last time! I cleaned the sink, and nearly fell off my feet. The chemicals went straight to my brain and knocked out my nervous system. I was totally incapacitated for the entire day. If I tried to stand, I’d fall over. That was the last time a chemical was allowed in this house.

We have replaced all cleaners, soaps, paper goods and even cosmetics with non-petro products. Our new cleaners also have no synthetic fragrances. Due to the condition of my health I was extremely sensitive to smells.

I was in the store once with a friend who I’d only been able to find, by the fragrance coming from her clothing. Not only was it intolerable for me to walk down or near an isle with cleaning and laundry supplies, but I feared actually becoming incapacitated in the store. If my nervous system went out, then I’d be in big trouble. It never did, thank God.

You must clean out these toxic chemicals from your house. You breath them, you soak them into your skin and you even eat some of them. In order to heal, this area is vital.

We use Dr Bronner’s Soap for just about everything, even brushing teeth! Dr Bronner’s can be found in any health food store or at Trader Joe’s. It’s concentrate so it’s a good bang for your buck. I keep a spray bottle under the kitchen sink for spraying veggies, a foam dispenser at each sink in the house for hands, and a spray bottle in the bathroom for cleaning. It really does remove those tough stains, like coffee. If you want an antibacterial, essential oil juniper is a good choice. I also use some of the Ecover products for cleaning the bathrooms.

For laundry we use Trader Joe’s since it has no petro or synthetic fragrances. I use Dr Ron’s hair products and I know I can trust him to not add any petro. I use handmade soaps and I use Eco Bella cosmetics which are also petro free.

It’s also important to think about what you wipe you rear with. If I’m not going to bath in it, why would I want to put it on my bottom. An area that absorbs everything. Again, I buy Trader Joe’s Recycled TP….yeah, it makes me laugh every time!!!! šŸ˜€ Recycled TP!!!!!!!!!!!! We also use TJ’s paper towels and tissues. No lotions on any of them and they are recycled paper….that’s “green”.

We don’t freak out any more about germs…well, not the germs in our home. I am a little OCD when I go out in public. I try not to touch certain things. Then I’m really careful to wash my hands. But at home, we are pretty relaxed and here’s why. I believe we have become bacteria resistant due to our anti-bacterial everything. This disease, Lyme, is a stealth bacteria. One of the strongest on earth! It’s pleomorphic which allows it to protect itself from all types of killers, except the Rife Machine. It does not detect it…so it’s a good weapon of attack.

I digress. We had our septic tank cleaned out a few years ago. Due to my poor health, I’d forgotten to schedule it for several years and it was over due. When I have my tank cleaned, I always ask the guy, “how’s my sludge?” It’s not an unusual question. The healthier my septic tank the more good bacteria is there breaking down the waste. He said, “how long did you say it’s been?” I said, “5 years.” He said, “5 years. That’s unusual, it’s in great shape. It seems like we don’t see many healthy septics anymore. Not with all these anti-bacterial cleaners.” That’s when I said, “oh, that must be because we don’t use them!” He smiled. Yep! Then he HAD to say for the company, “it’s still good to have it done every 3 years.” Well, sure, because at $110 a pop, they wouldn’t want me to stretch that.

I’ll be posting some great herbal cleaning ideas in the coming days. In the mean time, clean out your house. Get a big trash can and fill it with ALL those cleaners and papers. Don’t even give them away. Why would you want to share your toxins with someone else? Don’t worry, pull out your vinegar, baking soda and salt. Until I post how to use them, just do it! A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there.

Now that’s what I call “Green”!


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