Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

Understanding The Enemy

Most of us realize that these infectious diseases we have are not only a mystery to us regular folk, but they are also a mystery to most medical doctors. Case in point; Bartonella.

After my doc called with my labs two weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that Bartonella was the culprit. High liver enzymes, enlarged spleen, severe anemia……

I’ve been keeping journals of this journey for the past three years. It helps me map it together and see patterns, so that when my brain fails me at least it’s on paper. It helps me communicate more clearly with my doc. He’s a very kind and busy man, with many sick people to see each day. So, when it’s my turn, I can be specific and clear. It helps him and it helps me.

When I found out two weeks ago that my labs were less than perfect, I revamped my game plan. I began rifing very specific for Bartonella. As soon as I did that, I had a severe gallbladder attack. So, I did a flush and took care of that. Then on Friday, my back went out on me….I hate it when that happens, at least it could have taken me with it.

The funny thing to all of this is that I do not have back problems. It dawned on me that my back went out last October! A coincidence or a pattern? Then I recalled that the very first time this happened was in December of 2006.

Most if not all, Lyme patients have patterns. They can point to cycles. For most women the infections cycle with ones periods. There is an intense symptom cycle when a women bleeds. Then there is usually a seasonal cycle too; quaterly. And now I’m seeing a seasonal pattern with Bartonella.

I discovered while reading this AM, that the peak transmission for Bartonella is the fall and winter!!!!!! BINGO!

Not only did my back go out on Friday, but I also got my period and that night had a very good fever. By Sunday, I was moving around pretty well and I felt like I could sense the disease active in my body so I rifed again last night. I directed my frequencies toward Lyme and Bartonella. BINGO Again!!! I instantly knew I’d hit on a good frequency. I could feel it intensify in my back and then I knew I was herxing almost immediately. I knew that the whole deal with my back had to do with the disease. I couldn’t piece it together, but I knew.

When I went to get ready for bed. I noticed a very tender spot on my back….the area that I’ve been seeing my doc about lately. My spleen??? My kidney???? Probably my spleen. I felt it and it was warm to touch. It was also swollen. And it felt like something was there. I looked in the mirror and sure enough…..the claw marks. That was in the area of my spleen, not the area that my back went out which is over my left rump. Anyway, that area is very, very sensitive this AM, and I can tell, I stirred it up.

It’s nothing new to me to get the Cat Scratch claw marks. I’ve been noticing them on my right thigh for several years. Most recently I had them on my left thigh and across my stomach, and more specifically across my gallbladder! They always look the same. Three claw marks. Very red. The appearance of a scratch. A BIG scratch….kinda freaky! I’d show you the pictures, but I don’t want them out there on the world wide web, me in my green Hanes undies!!! I’ll save it for my doc, he’s seen it all!

I stopped my med’s yesterday….Cat’s Claw and Knotweed, which I’d only started Friday. I decided to ride this out, so that the bacteria would not go defensive. I want it out so I can kill it with the rife machine. And I’ll see my doc as soon as possible for some acupuncture to relieve the back pain. I’m going to focus on detoxing with coffee enemas and sauna therapy.  And I’ve decided to stop my swimming classes, due to the over load of toxins which my body doesn’t need right now from the Chlorine in the pool.

The good news is, that I feel stronger and better than I have for the past three years. I usually drop out of “remission” in the fall and struggle until early spring.  This is a common factor among us.  I’m not feeling that this year. I believe that with the higher intake of Cod Liver Oil and increasing my hemoglobin generating foods, I’ll not just be OK, but I’ll continue healing. I am focusing on my liver and spleen with herbal tonics. And I’m taking desecrated liver and kidney bovine from Dr Ron’s. Plus my other supp’s.  And I do believe that when we understand the enemy we can support our immune systems and kill it!

And what’s better than a sunny outlook on life. This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!   🙂


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