Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

My Greatest Insurance Policy

When we were first diagnosed in 2005, we beat our heads against the wall researching. You see, it’s ok that I was diagnosed, but it wasn’t ok that my son was. You can touch me but don’t touch my kids. So, day and night that’s all I did for 4 straight months. I read and I read and I read. And because my brain was so infected, I’d re-read! Then I’d pass info on to my husband, Bob and he’d read and filter it out. Since my brain was beyond the point of reasoning and I didn’t have one ounce of logic left, I trusted Bob’s judgment and always will. I’m not bragging, but Bob is smart. No, really. He’s got the gift of wisdom and I trust his ability to break things down and make sense of them.

On one of those long days sitting in front of the computer, I discovered something about Dr Royal Rife. Something called a Rife Machine. I saved it and showed Bob.

We’d already learned about the strength of this intelligent pathogenic organism that was living in our bodies. We knew that ABX failed. We knew that I’d had it a very long time and I’d probably given it to my children congenitally. It was Bob’s decision to purchase a Rife Machine. I followed in blind faith. And looking back, I’m so glad I did.

First we bought Bryan Rosner’s book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. He goes into greater depths than we could have imagined about the disease and the pros and cons of different treatments, treatments that we were considering. I’ve said all along, that if my house is burning down, there are two books I’ll grab; my Bible and Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. I’ve read it countless times. As my brain has healed it’s almost as if most of these books are new to me. A lot never made any sense to me because my brain was so infected. That’s where Bob always came in.

When we got our book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, Bob read it several times. I read it and read it and read it. It was based on Bryan’s research and his comparison charts that we made our decision to purchase an EMEM 3. Since then many new Rife Machines have been manufactured for a small fortune. They have all kinds of bells and whistles. But our criteria was cost and effectiveness.

The EMEM 3 is the machine we went with. It is your basic hand dial machine and looks like the one in the photo above. At first I tried dialing in all those frequencies and it took forever. But as I learned my most effective frequencies and I’ve learned how to dial faster, it only takes me a couple of seconds to get what I need. No, it doesn’t do sweeps. I use to think that I really needed that option, but really it’s like when you buy a car. What do you really need for the car to run and get you from point A to point B? Basically just the car and the key. You don’t need a radio or a CD player of a DVD player or a GPS (ok so some of you do need a GPS!). You get my point.

Oh we wanted a Doug Coil, but we couldn’t afford one made and we knew it had to be simple for me to use it. And we needed it FAST! I was quickly fading away. It was all I could do to even write my own name, the same name I’d had for 24 years. Yep, I was that far gone, I couldn’t even spell my last name……OK folks, it’s only 3 letters!!!!!!!!!!! I was a very sick puppy.

I’ll repeat it: Cost and effectiveness.

The EMEM 3 has proven to be quite an effective machine for others. Ours was just under $1000.00 with shipping. It has been our insurance policy that we only had to pay once for. We treat it as if it’s worth a million dollars. It sits by my computer now, and I turn it on frequently for an hour or two while I’m doing mindless things.

It may turn out that some where down the road we need a machine that can get decimal readings, since I have Ehrlichiosis and most of it’s frequencies are in the decimals. But, I do believe that I’m going to kill these diseases with my EMEM 3 and with food.

Since most of what we use we pay for out of pocket, and trust me, we’d rather it be that way. Even though we pay for our health care premium, we rarely use it and when we do, they ask us to pay for unbelievable deductibles. Unreal. But, if you don’t have insurance and if you’re really sick, a Rife Machine is your best insurance policy. We also own a copy of Nina Silver’s book The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing. It was worth the money. If you own a Rife Machine, you can use it for anything! Gallstones, Sciatica, CANCER, LYME, parasites……the list is endless. However, you don’t need this book for Lyme frequencies.  Bryan Rosner gives you the CAFL lists and you get testimony’s from others in his  book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines .  That’s where I picked up my favorite frequencies….from others. I’ll share mine.  (the first two came from Doug McLean…360 & 720, 450 & 832 (bartonella))  That’s my most effective frequencies.  It’s not that I don’t use all the others, I do.  It’s just that these are my favorites.  They work the best for ME.  Since we are all individuals we have to find what works for each of us.

You might be asking how I know they are the best for me.  I determine that by how I feel.  Usually I can feel the frequency in my body doing whatever it’s doing…stirring up the bacteria/pathogen and killing it.  I can usually feel a tingling or a swelling.  I then either itch like crazy or have a very very bad herxing reaction…head ache, foggy thinking, swelling.  You will learn to know your body and to know what you feel.  I keep a journal of every Rife session and write what I feel each and every time.  I also go back and write how I felt that week.  A journal is your best tool.  As Bob, says, “A short pencil is better than a long memory!!!!!”  Isn’t that true for us Lyme patients.  (I rarely use the work Lymie….I do hate it…..I like to see myself in positive terms….I am the daughter of the most high God or a beautiful princess….anything, but a Lymie!)

My doc tells me that a type of Rife Machine is being made and approved by the FDA. It will cost doctors upwards of $20,000.00. It is then that it may become very hard to find or buy a Rife Machine without a doctors permission. You know how it goes…..the FDA approves something and then they make it illegal for you to obtain it and the price goes UP!   Unless you can find it on the black market.   It’s the same old, same old. “We’re the gov’t and we’re here to help you.”

If you don’t own your own Rife Machine yet, then I urge you to not worry so much about all the bells and whistles.  Buy what you can and leave the rest to God…..A good AA slogan!!!!

Speaking of re-reading. I’m re-reading Dr Ron Schmid’s book Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine. And there’s another that I’m going to pick up, Food and Healing, by Annmarie Colbin.


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