Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease


I think I’d make a great test trial person. Especially if they gave me the placebo. I’m always a little leary, because I think for any of us, if we think that we’re being helped by something then is it mind over matter???

I don’t know. But I’ve been taking the Artemisiae again from Dr Zhang’s for 4 days and today I had the energy that I had in May. My doc thinks I’ve been reinfected with Babesia and it’s causing Hemolytic Anemia.

I finally cut the grass (nope never got to it the other day-ran out of energy)…I’m hoping this is the last time! 5 acres is getting burdensome after 22 yrs…we need some animals! I dug up my sweet potatoes since we’ve had a couple good heavy frosts. I sprayed the crush and run that my husband put down, and sprayed the car clean. I took a second shower and now I’m roasting sweet red peppers to put up for the winter. My day hasn’t been this full since early summer. And I still have energy to do whatever else I can think of, maybe fix dinner! I need to go to my garden and cut lettuce and cover my plants for the frosty night and Tim our Amish chicken farmer is stopping by with our order of chickens.

So is it the Artemisiae or is it my mind? I don’t really care. I’m glad that I’m feeling a bit better. The blood work will tell us a lot. I do think it’s the Artemisiae though. Because for those of us suffering from Babesia, it doesnt’ matter what you do, you can’t make yourself feel better. You either are or you’re not.

One thing I learned from Jerry Brunneti, if you watched those wonderful videos, is that Artemisiae is a scavenger and eats up the “free iron” which is necessary for the neoplastic cells & microbes to grow wild. It also releases oxygen and destroys the neoplastic cells and microbes, like H2O2.

I think that’s wonderful news. It’s not recommended to take Artemisiae for too long without a break. It can be hard on the liver at the high doses prescribed for Babesia and Malaria. Dr Zhang suggests 60-90 days. The alternative to Artemisiae is taking strong anti-malaria drugs which do even more damage to the liver and cost a small fortune! This is another good reason to make sure you are detoxing.


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