Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

Really Good News!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I was probably reinfected at least with Babesia in June.  You can read about my really good news on my Peaceful Acres blog.


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Udate On My Health

I wanted to give you an update on my recent struggle with Hemolytic Anemia caused by Babesia. For those of you who haven’t read my blog, I had some invader killing my RBC at a rapid rate. My doc was pretty certain it was a reinfection of Babesia, since I’d had another deer tick in June 2008 and it was a few months after that, that I began to feel tired and worn out again. I thought it was because I’d worked so hard this summer.

Here are two photos to compare how I looked. For me this is amazing. I Knew in Photo #1 that I was feeling tired and drawn out, but I didn’t know how badly or why. Photo #2 was taken just last week after aggressively attacking the Hemolytic Anemia with food and supp’s. I am taking Milk Thistle-1200 mg, mega doses of Vit C for inflammation, increased Thyroid/Liver from Dr Ron’s, and adding back in Artemisiae from Hepapro, lots of Cod Liver Oil and a slew of other supp’s including Dr Zhang’s protocol.

I’ve been on the Artemisiae again for 1 month now and feel like night and day. Even though I haven’t had one positive test for Babesia other than a clinical diagnosis, it’s clear to me that when I take Artemisiae and feel this great then there’s no denying I am infected with it. (It’s either that or Malaria from my time in India?) I had one very, very bad attack while on vacation in NC a couple weeks ago. It was a doozy! One of the worst I’ve ever had. My good days out weigh my bad again. I’ve gone from the every other day syndrome to maybe one bad day every couple weeks. I’m working hard again and looking forward to our new addition to Peaceful Acres; a Jersey cow!!! I picked up our 3 laying hens on Friday and have been tending to them this weekend. I worked for a couple hours yesterday fixing the fence and tending my winter garden. I’m praying that this will last through the winter and on. I’ve yet to have one good winter for the past…..well, I don’t know how many years. A very long time.

Photo #1


September 2008

Photo #2


November 2008

I suppose I did look kinda jaundice. Ok a lot jaundice and soooo tired. I’ll be having another set of labs done this week and I’m sure that I’ve gotten my liver enzymes and bilirubin down. And that my RBC count is up to normal. It’s just my hunch.

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Good News

My doc called last evening with my recent lab results. I’ve managed to raise my hemoglobin another 2 pts! I’ve come from 26.9 to 32.6 with 34 being the low end of normal!!! My liver enzymes are still high, but that’s because it will take a while for me to detox my liver from the overload that’s been barraged on it. The Artemisiae is already helping to kill the Babesia and I’m experiencing the every other day syndrome again.

After this latest assault on my body, I’m trying to understand more about the way the infections attack us, and exactly how our body and it’s systems react. I know that for me, the destruction of my RBC was the serious reason for my exhaustion. I’m sure that that constant attack caused my adrenals to take a hit. But it didn’t stem from the adrenals. So many times, I’ve heard that it’s the adrenals and we forget to focus on the infection. As my doc keeps reminding me, we will attack and support my body. He doesn’t want me to live in a constant state of detoxing. It’s his concern that we attack the infections and then clean up after them and aid the body with food and supp’s.

The every other day syndrome I spoke about is feeling exhausted every other day. My family and I saw this pattern years ago, before a diagnosis but we didn’t know what to attribute it to. Now that I’m in another healing phase, I know that it’s to be expected. So, I try to plan for every other day. I can’t expect too much from myself or I disappoint. I hate living this way again, after having so many months of every day being an excellent day, BUT, I have to accept it. I realize that it’s not my adrenals that can’t keep up with me, it’s the total effect of the infections on my body. I’ll continue to support my adrenals, but I won’t stop living on my “good” days. Soon, I’ll start to see more good days and less bad days. Then again, the good with out do the bad until I have 1 bad day a month and then none! It just takes a lot of work and focusing on killing the infections and supporting the body to heal in the process.

Our plan is working and I feel over joyed. My doc asked me exactly what I was doing and he was a little grossed out that I was juicing raw chicken livers! (always make sure you know the source of your food!) It’s all working together. Lots of seafood; salmon, sardines, scallops and Cod Liver Oil. Dried Turkish apricots, pineapple chutney, beet kvass and so many other wonderful healing foods that raise hemoglobin. Juicing, and doing coffee enemas, FAR sauna and hot epsom salts baths. I’ve added raw colostrum back into my diet for the added immune boosters and natural transfer factors from the cow. And I’ve started taking Transfer Factor from Researched Nutritionals again.

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I think I’d make a great test trial person. Especially if they gave me the placebo. I’m always a little leary, because I think for any of us, if we think that we’re being helped by something then is it mind over matter???

I don’t know. But I’ve been taking the Artemisiae again from Dr Zhang’s for 4 days and today I had the energy that I had in May. My doc thinks I’ve been reinfected with Babesia and it’s causing Hemolytic Anemia.

I finally cut the grass (nope never got to it the other day-ran out of energy)…I’m hoping this is the last time! 5 acres is getting burdensome after 22 yrs…we need some animals! I dug up my sweet potatoes since we’ve had a couple good heavy frosts. I sprayed the crush and run that my husband put down, and sprayed the car clean. I took a second shower and now I’m roasting sweet red peppers to put up for the winter. My day hasn’t been this full since early summer. And I still have energy to do whatever else I can think of, maybe fix dinner! I need to go to my garden and cut lettuce and cover my plants for the frosty night and Tim our Amish chicken farmer is stopping by with our order of chickens.

So is it the Artemisiae or is it my mind? I don’t really care. I’m glad that I’m feeling a bit better. The blood work will tell us a lot. I do think it’s the Artemisiae though. Because for those of us suffering from Babesia, it doesnt’ matter what you do, you can’t make yourself feel better. You either are or you’re not.

One thing I learned from Jerry Brunneti, if you watched those wonderful videos, is that Artemisiae is a scavenger and eats up the “free iron” which is necessary for the neoplastic cells & microbes to grow wild. It also releases oxygen and destroys the neoplastic cells and microbes, like H2O2.

I think that’s wonderful news. It’s not recommended to take Artemisiae for too long without a break. It can be hard on the liver at the high doses prescribed for Babesia and Malaria. Dr Zhang suggests 60-90 days. The alternative to Artemisiae is taking strong anti-malaria drugs which do even more damage to the liver and cost a small fortune! This is another good reason to make sure you are detoxing.

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A Diagnosis

Red Blood Cells

I saw my doc today for the low down on my labs. It’s not really very good. BUT I believe that I will defeat this crap, one way or another. “His grace is sufficient for me. When I am weak then I am strong. His power is made perfect in weakness.”~The Apostle Paul of Tarsus

He ran a test called, Coomb’s. It came back positive. Basically, I have what’s called Hemolytic Anemia. It’s an auto-immune issue. I have some “unknown” antibodies that are attacking my red blood cells and blasting them to smithereens. Mine don’t look anything like the picture above. Mine have a zillion foreign antibodies attacking. Then my liver can’t handle the load of crap that I’m sending it and it can’t carry the dead red blood cells out of my body fast enough so then my bilirubin shoots up. I think that’s about it. But basically my red blood cells are being destroyed at a rapid rate. And due to this my LDH is high which indicates damage to my internal tissues and organs.

My doc hasn’t seen anyone with this since he did his residency 5 years ago. He was totally blown away. It’s possible that I was reinfected in June when I had another deer tick. But no one really knows. He does know that in 2005 my CBC was completely normal. And in 2005 I thought death was knocking. So, he was greatly encouraged that this is a relatively new problem.

Good news is that my work on building hemoglobin is working. I went from 26 to 30. He really was pleased with that and couldn’t tell me enough how wonderful that was. I have to get it to 34. So, for now, we’re running tests every 3 weeks to monitor my RBC. I’m continuing with my detox protocol of coffee enemas, 1200 mg milk thistle, my molasses and yellow dock, dandelion root concoction, rifing and adding Artemisiae back in.

He doesn’t think it’s Bartonella as much as he thinks it’s Babesia. That’s why he thinks I’ve been reinfected. All the research he did and what could be connected to the Hemolytic Anemia is Babesia. Some of the best information out there for us on these diseases is on veterinary sites.

So for now, I’ll keep plugging away at it. Hey, lets be positive, now if you have these same labs come back at least you can suggest this to your doc. Part of solving this puzzle is finding all the pieces. Boy I wish I could get those corners. My doc explained to me about T1 and T2. These infections are sooooo intelligent that they’ve figured out if they can get the immune system to attack itself then it’s not attacking it. I’m sorry I can’t even communicate it back to you. It’s all very confusing, especially when it’s you. He writes it all down for me because he knows I’m going to research it and find more answers. I love my doc. He’s so compassionate and caring.

Well, it’s not like I haven’t had Babesia before. But it sure is a hard one to kill. I’ll be ordering more Artemisiae from Hepapro which in my opinion is the best on the market. Bryan Rosner even mentions it in his book, The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments.  Bartonella is still very active and I’m hitting it with the rife machine. It’s definitely connected to my back going out on me. But the area of my spleen is connected to all of this other stuff. So, we’re running a sonogram of my spleen to see if it is in fact enlarged. Which would make complete sense considering.

Don’t give up hope. I believe this is just one more hurdle to jump over. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Remember that. When you think you can’t go any further, you can. Take a rest and continue the fight. Never, never, never give up!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Philippians 4:13

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