Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

The Link Between Vitamin D and Pain

“People who are vitamin D deficient are more likely to suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, and those with these conditions may improve or even recover entirely when treated…” (1)

On this journey of healing from Chronic Lyme Disease, I discovered the role of Vitamin D in my daily diet. Vitamin D is a fat soluable vitamin that is essential in cell regeneration, since every cell in the body has Vitamin D receptors. According to The National Institutes of Health, we’ve seen an increase in Cancer, Osteoporosis, Alzheimers, Chrones Disease and other maladies all due to the lack of Vitamin D in our diet. (2) In fact many are beginning to believe that the rise of Alzheimers is due to the low fat, fat free craze.

It’s being suggested that the RDA of 600 IU of Vitamin D is too low. In fact healthy adults should take at least 1,000 IU per day and those suffering should take 2,000 IU or more. (3) Personally I just swig my Cod Liver Oil bottle every morning. And when I’m struggling with symptoms of Lyme Disease or it’s co-infections, I take 2 swigs! I use Orange Flavored Blue Ice High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil from Dr Ron’s. In fact Dr Ron Schmid sees the best improvements in his Lyme patients when they use Raw Butter and Cod Liver Oil together and the more butter the better his office staff told me.

Of course from the perspective of eating nutrient dense foods, getting enough Vitamin D daily is easy. You can eat the foods listed here and of course in the summer or if you live in a warm climate year round you can obtain Vitamin D from the sun.

Here are some great foods to add to your diet that will boost your Vitamin D levels.

Raw Dairy

Lots of Raw Butter

Cod Liver Oil (Dr Weston A Price found that CLO is best taken with raw butter)

Eel has some of the highest amounts next to Sardines

Pastured Eggs, more specifically the yolks

Beef Liver


Red Salmon

(1) Natural News

(2) Natural News

(3) Algaecal.com

Photo Credit Linked to Artist on Flickr.com


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Udate On My Health

I wanted to give you an update on my recent struggle with Hemolytic Anemia caused by Babesia. For those of you who haven’t read my blog, I had some invader killing my RBC at a rapid rate. My doc was pretty certain it was a reinfection of Babesia, since I’d had another deer tick in June 2008 and it was a few months after that, that I began to feel tired and worn out again. I thought it was because I’d worked so hard this summer.

Here are two photos to compare how I looked. For me this is amazing. I Knew in Photo #1 that I was feeling tired and drawn out, but I didn’t know how badly or why. Photo #2 was taken just last week after aggressively attacking the Hemolytic Anemia with food and supp’s. I am taking Milk Thistle-1200 mg, mega doses of Vit C for inflammation, increased Thyroid/Liver from Dr Ron’s, and adding back in Artemisiae from Hepapro, lots of Cod Liver Oil and a slew of other supp’s including Dr Zhang’s protocol.

I’ve been on the Artemisiae again for 1 month now and feel like night and day. Even though I haven’t had one positive test for Babesia other than a clinical diagnosis, it’s clear to me that when I take Artemisiae and feel this great then there’s no denying I am infected with it. (It’s either that or Malaria from my time in India?) I had one very, very bad attack while on vacation in NC a couple weeks ago. It was a doozy! One of the worst I’ve ever had. My good days out weigh my bad again. I’ve gone from the every other day syndrome to maybe one bad day every couple weeks. I’m working hard again and looking forward to our new addition to Peaceful Acres; a Jersey cow!!! I picked up our 3 laying hens on Friday and have been tending to them this weekend. I worked for a couple hours yesterday fixing the fence and tending my winter garden. I’m praying that this will last through the winter and on. I’ve yet to have one good winter for the past…..well, I don’t know how many years. A very long time.

Photo #1


September 2008

Photo #2


November 2008

I suppose I did look kinda jaundice. Ok a lot jaundice and soooo tired. I’ll be having another set of labs done this week and I’m sure that I’ve gotten my liver enzymes and bilirubin down. And that my RBC count is up to normal. It’s just my hunch.

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Detoxify or Die

I can’t impress upon you how important detoxing is when healing from Lyme Disease & co-infections. Most experts agree that our symptoms are a manifestation of the biotoxins and neurotoxins in our bodies. It only goes to reason that if you can get these toxins out on a regular basis then your symptoms will decrease. When your symptoms decrease you will have less stress and your body will heal faster. Whether you are using the Rife Machine, natural ABX, synthetic ABX or herbs, you must detoxify.

My chosen methods of detoxing are; coffee enemas, hydrotherapy, infrared sauna and diet. Of course there are others, but these are my favorites.

I know that the topic of coffee enemas is a bit private. OK, a lot private, but sometimes these things must be talked about. For further understanding of coffee enemas you can study the work of Dr Max Gerson. Coffee enemas were in the Merck Medical Manual until 1970. They were removed as a form of treatment, due to the lack of space not due to a lack of effective treatment. Dr Max Gerson found them vital for cancer patients to heal. He used them regularly for his migraine head aches and in our family we can attest to there effectiveness for this malady. Order some brochures or other printed material and research it. You will be glad you did.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in detoxing. It was from Dr Richard Schulze, an herbalist that I learned to do this. It really takes guts, but it is very effective. Stand in the shower and use as hot, hot, hot as you can stand without burning your skin, for 30 seconds, then switch to cold, cold, cold for 30 seconds. Do this 7-8 times and it will wake you up. Hydrotherapy shocks the body. It forces the blood in and out. Focus on areas that are painful or if you think it needs attention. Dr Schulze’s patients have sworn by hydrotherapy to reduce or eliminate cysts or tumors. I did them for one complete year and have resumed them since realizing that Bartonella is quite active in my body. (I do not agree with Dr Richard Schulze on his adoption of the vegetarian diet. Dr Weston A Price proved other wise and it is that diet that I adhere to.) As Dr Schulze so accurately says, “this won’t kill you, but the disease you have will!!!”

The other area of detoxing is diet. Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride suggests that the body detoxes from 2-10 AM. She recommends not eating breakfast until at least 10 AM, allowing the body to properly detox. Dr Campbell-McBride allows juices first thing in the morning. Not canned juices. Fresh carrot, green veggies and juicy fruits. My favorite is, carrot, celery, chard or kale, beet root, and an apple. You can use which ever veggies are your favorite, but consider the biggest bang for your buck. Another great detox food is Beet Kvass; a blood tonic made from Beet Root. Beets are a wonderful detox food for the liver. Always consider nutrient dense foods even for your juices.

During my most toxic days, I used the Infrared Sauna every day for 20 min’s at 125*F. During the winter months I usually ramp it up to 135*F, but it takes some time to get use to. It increases your heart rate and takes a little while afterwards of resting to get your heart rate back down to what’s normal for you. So, don’t rush these things. Make sure you take plenty of time to rest. Your skin is your largest organ. Not only does it absorb toxins but it is an excellent way to detox the body. If you dry brush your skin before entering the sauna, you will stimulate your lymphs and slough off dead skin cells.

And of course drinking lots of clean filtered water is one of the very best ways to detoxify your body. It will replace the fluids lost during saunas and enemas and it will flush out toxins. It’s recommend that a person consume at least 64 oz of water a day.

Here is a wonderful explanation of detoxing for cancer. Even though Lyme is not Cancer, the elements of detoxing remain the same; the need to eliminate biotoxins & with Lyme neurotoxins from the blood.


This article may come in handy. It is from canceroption.com newsletter.
An Introduction to Detoxification
by: Michael Guthrie, R. Ph.

“Cancer cells produce a large number of toxins that inhibit the immune response, damage tissues and cause weight loss and other complications. Thus, a spreading cancer becomes more and more difficult to control because of an increased toxin load. There are safe, and effective ways of reducing the toxin load on the body.

Detoxification is an important aspect of cancer protocols, and any kind of detoxification of the body, and is often a neglected part of optimizing treatment and clinical results. We live in a toxic world with air and water pollution, food and medication additives derived from petroleum and coal tars and other carcinogenic (cancer producing) sources. Drinking water sources when tested may show elevated levels of TCE, PCB, chloramines, dioxin and other carcinogenic substances. Even our supplemental vitamins, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs are often synthesized from sources such as genetically engineered corn, sugar or soy. These sources of raw materials are often cheaper than less allergenic sources and corn allergies constitute one of the most common food allergens in the US. Traces of allergens may cause down regulation of our immune system or a sidetracking of our bodies immune system with a consequential less than optimum immune system to fight cancer and opportunistic diseases and organisms. Cosmetics, food with hydrogenated vegetable oils, pesticides, flea collars, decaffeinated coffee and a host of other daily-encountered substances are carcinogenic!

By detoxification of the body, we can optimize the well being of our healthy cells including our immune system. Everyone has some levels of mutated cells produced daily, however our immune system keeps these abnormal cells in check. Cancer cells and cancer-associated viruses are more likely to mutate and adapt to toxic environments than healthy cells. Indeed, cancer is induced in laboratory animals by giving the animals toxic substances which cause cancer by mutating normal cells to survive the toxin. Toxins in our body can accumulate in the subcutaneous fat layer under our skin and in the liver. The liver is the largest immune organ in our body and is a source of Kupffer’s cells. These cells filter and destroy foreign bacteria, fungus, viruses, mycoplasma and cancerous cells. Since the liver is our body’s major waste disposal system and largest immune organ, it is important to enhance liver function, reduce excessive stress and detoxify this major organ.

By detoxification of the body, we enhance our clinical approach to cancer and other illnesses. It is also important to restore nutrients necessary for optimum utilization of healthy cells and immune system. Many traditional approaches to treatment of a serious disease can cause depletion of these essential nutrients. By utilizing detoxification and restoration of necessary levels of nutrients, clinical approaches are integrated and optimized for enhanced healing and well-being. Detoxification is accomplished through various supplements as well as via far-infrared saunas.”

My doc has been very pleased even with the portable saunas.


Resting in my opinion is one of the most cherished gifts you can give yourself. Learn to say, “no” and “I need help”. You will become stronger and those around you will learn compassion.

How will you know if you are detoxing?

1. Your body odor will stop or if you’re really dumping toxins, it will increase. (stop using regular deo/antiperspirants from the drug store). Not only are they toxic, but they clog your glands and you can’t detox. Remember your skin is one of your major detox organs. Sweat glands were made to sweat!!! I haven’t used deo/antiperspirants for over 15 yrs. I use a crystal stone sold in any health food store. Most days I remember it, but there are many that I don’t. I no longer have BO, since I practice regular detoxing.

2. You will feel better. Sometimes you feel worse, before you feel better. Sometimes upon dumping the colon and releasing lots of toxins you have a head ache. Pay attention to where the head ache is. You will learn a detox h.a. from another h.a. Mine are in my frontal lobe as opposed to an over all head ache. It is vital to be constantly replacing and replenishing the colon with good quality flora especially if you’re using coffee enemas. My favorite is Friendly Flora from

Dr Rons.

3. You may experience things like, sinus drainage, fatigue, energy, intensified itching, or an intensity of symptoms prior to a relief.

Every one of us is different and will have different experiences from detoxing. But one thing is universal, we must all detox.

Most of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBrides work is done with Autistic Children. What I have found is that the same principles apply to those of us healing from Lyme Disease and co-infections. In this video clip she discusses some of the detoxing results. I recommend you watch all these videos that she and Donna Gates present for parents of Autistics. The info on the gut flora is vital to healing.

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Your Most Prized Kitchen Tool

‘As Dr. Pottenger was wont to say: “A big stock pot is the most important gift a bride could receive.”‘

Excerpts of this article were taken from Why Broth is Beautiful, By Kaayla T. Daniel, MS CCN.

I do recommend you read the entire article because there is so much to learn about this wonderful healing food; broth!


“Fifty years ago Pottenger pointed out a reason that raw food diets can be so effective in reversing disease and contributing to rejuvenation. “Man’s food in the raw state consists largely of hydrophilic (water loving) colloids. (attracts digestive jiuces for rapid and effective digestions-according to SallyFallon) The heat of cooking on the other hand . . . precipitates the colloids of our diet. This change in colloidal state alters the hydration capacity of our foods so as to interfere with their ability to absorb digestive juices.” Happily for those who prefer their food cooked, Dr. Pottenger went on to explain that this digestive problem could be easily remedied by adding one-half ounce to one ounce of gelatin to a cooked meal of meat, potatoes, vegetables and fruits.”

Gelatin and the Liver

“Early research has also indicated that gelatin helps the liver. This is plausible in that the liver uses the amino acid glycine for detoxification, and its ability to detoxify is limited by the amount of glycine available. Back in 1935, Reuben Ottenberg, MD wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association: “It has been suggested that the administration of extra amounts of proteins containing an abundance of glycine (such as gelatin) will help the work in the liver. This seems particularly plausible since the recent work of Quick, who has shown that the ability of the liver to perform this protective synthesis is limited by the amount of glycine available.”

Ottenberg concluded with the recommendation that patients with jaundice and other liver problems take 5 to l0 grams of gelatin per day either in the form of food or as a powdered medicinal supplement.

The big question is why so many early studies showing the healing power of gelatin have languished in obscurity. The easy explanation is that after the 1930s, pharmaceutical drugs were widely prescribed for ills that were once healed with gelatin.

Most commercial gelatins today are brewed exclusively from pigskins or cowhide and so include no cartilage or bones. Years ago, however, some commercial cartilages came from mystery blends of cartilage, bones, skin and other junked animal parts. All these combinations differed in terms of their physical and chemical characteristics and in their physiologic actions. Gotthoffer reported that even glue was sometimes sold as gelatin. Complicating matters further, some of the so-called “gelatin” studies were done with the isolated amino acid glycine.”


“Remember also that the amino acids in gelatin, like all amino acids, can only be properly utilized when the diet contains sufficient fat-soluble activators–vitamins A and D–found exclusively in animal fats. So don’t hesitate to put cream in your broth-based soups and sauces, and include other sources of vitamins A and D in your diet, such as butter, egg yolks and cod liver oil.”

In your next bowl of broth or soup, whisk in a raw egg yolk for added nourishment. You won’t taste it at all. Of course make sure you know the source of your eggs, before eating them raw.


According to Sally Fallon in Nourishing Traditions, there are many other important ingredients that go into broth . Cartilage is one that has recently been shown to be remarkable in treating cancer and bone disorders. Collagen has been used successfully in treating rheumatoid arthritis and it’s especially necessary for those of us with Lyme Disease. Spirochetes feed on collagen, so it’s important to nourish your body with broths and to use products with MSM added in like Dr Ron’s body care products.


Cooking bone broth is very easy and effortless. When our steer is processed for the freezer, we make sure to ask for all the bones. You can take 2-3 good size bones and throw them in a stock pot of water. It’s recommended to add a dash of ACV (apple cider vinegar), due to it’s ability to draw out more minerals and calcium from the bones. I cook all my stocks, whether chicken or beef, all day (8-10 hrs). At night I put the pot in the extra frig and pull it out in the morning and cook it another 10 hrs. I’ve never had a pot not gel. Mine gel all the way through.

When I use one of our chickens for grilling, I collect all the backs and necks in a ziplock in the freezer. After I have a few then I can make a pot of chicken stock. It’s a bit tedious to pick out all the tiny little bones. But since they are cooked to the point of almost dissolving, it’s not a big deal to get one and chew it up….hey, more nourishment! And make sure when you get your fresh chickens you request the heads and feet too! They hold the secret to what is fondly referred to as Jewish Penicillin.

If I’m planning to make a pot of chicken soup or beef vegetable, I wait until the second day and after cooking another 4-5 hrs, I then add the veggies. If I want some plain stock then I’ll skim some off to freeze. It’s great having nourishing little stock cubes (freeze in ice cube trays), that can be thrown in whatever you’re cooking; sauces, rice dishes, veggies. I spend many a winter day, cooking pots of stock and freezing containers of chicken or beef soup. They make a great quick meal and are extremely healthy during the winter months, as well as all year.

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Attacking Bartonella

I really thought I had killed Bartonella. My symptoms had greatly reduced this spring. However I did have another deer tick June 1st. It seems to me that it was after that, that I started feeling tired again. My motivation was diminished and I was so winded walking down the hill to the garden and back. But as you know, no one really knows enough about these bacterial infections to say one way or another if I was re-infected.

We can spend a lot our time trying to find answers. We may rack out heads against a brick wall. Some of us, have to see the answers clearly before we will step out in faith and trust that God can and will lead us down a path to a miraculous recovery.

Before I put my feet out on the cold floor this AM, I lay in my warm bed praying to the only ONE who can give me answers. I always talk to my Father. Sometimes I ask Him what I should eat for the day or if I should go shopping today or tomorrow. You, see I believe that He cares about every little detail of our lives. It’s for that reason that I ask for Him to give me ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit of God is showing me.

I’m convinced that my battle now is against Bartonella. I felt the Spirit of God impress upon me this morning, to order Cat’s Claw from Whole World Botanicals, the same company I just bought Maca from. I’ve taken Cat’s Claw in the past from Nutramedix. I took it for a year only to find that when I came off of it, the spirochetes came out rather quickly and attacked rather harshly. So, why would God tell me to get it from Whole World Botanicals? Low and behold, they sell a different species of Cat’s Claw. The most common Cat’s Claw is Uncaria guianensis.

The Cat’s Claw sold at Whole World Botanicals is Uncaria tomentosa.

Go here to see a very detailed fact sheet.

I pulled my Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner off the shelf and started researching AGAIN!

Sure enough Stephen Buhner documents the healing effects of Uncaria tomentosa.

Most of the other research has only been done on Uncaria guianensis.

Even though Uncaria tomentosa aids in the formation of white blood cells and I’m battling a low red blood cell count right now, it none the less will raise my CD 57 numbers to indicate a strengthening of my immune system. This is what Stephen Buhner documents in Healing Lyme.

Stephen also recommends Polygonum cuspidatum (Japanese Knotweed), Smilax, Astragalus and Red Root in the fight against Bartonella. I have a bunch of Smilax and Astragalus tincture already made, so I’ll start on those today.

I’ll be ordering Cat’s Claw from Whole World Bonaticals and Japanese Knotweed from Healing Spirits Herb Farm, which has been referred to me by Stephen Buhner. I’ve stopped Dr Zhang’s herbs for now. It’s not that I think they didn’t work, they did. It’s just that I believe we must continue to change up our protocol to attack these very defensive bacterias. I’m continuing with the Allicin for now. Increasing my intake of herbs for my liver and eating foods with a lot of iron. My supp’s haven’t changed….I’m still taking, 400 IU Vit E, Vit C-1000 mg, Milk Thistle, Desicated Bovine Thyroid with Liver 500 mg, Iodine Complex 50 mg, and 1/4 tsp of Maca. I still need to add some Selenium for the uptake of the Iodine but the Maca has Selenium in it. Mostly all my supp’s come from Dr Ron Schmid. I trust the purity of his products and since he too is healed of Lyme, he knows what we need.

And of course my diet still plays a huge part in my healing. Yesterday I had fresh chicken liver, heart and gizzard for lunch. It’s not bad if you cook a little onion in some lard and then don’t over cook the liver. For dinner we had fresh roasted chicken, fresh home grown potatoes, fresh home grown spinach and lots of raw butter. I also drink at least 4 oz of beet kvass twice every day.

Today, I’m having wild scallops cooked in raw butter and garlic for lunch, plus some left over spinach. All of these foods are rich in iron and even though one by itself isn’t much, combined they give me a good punch of iron to enrich my blood!

Beet Kvass is a blood tonic. It’s a lacto-fermented drink that is so yummy. Here’s what Sally Fallon has to say about it, “This drink is valuable for its medicinal qualities and as a digestive aid. Beets are just loaded with nutrients. A 4 oz glass, morning and night is an excellent blood tonic, promotes regularity, aids digestion, alkalizes the blood, cleanses the liver and is a good treatment for kidney stones and other ailments.”

“No Ukrainian home was ever without it’s “beet kvass”. The kvass was always handy and ready when a pleasing, sour flavour had to be added to soups and vinaigrettes.” Lubow A. Kyivska Ukrainian Dishes

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