Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

Food As Medicine Video

A visitor to my site left a link to his site where you can purchase the videos of Jerry Brunetti on Food as Medicine.

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Food As Medicine


I posted a while ago about Jerry Brunetti and his incredible healing from cancer. This past week we nearly lost of Yellow Lab who is only 10 yrs old. He looked like death and the Vet wanted to put him down. We weren’t ready to do that and we began a recovery program for him. The Vet said he had a large tumor either on his spleen or liver. Neither very good. So we began an aggressive treatment for cancer using food and supp’s that reportedly will help him. He turned around in 3 days with the use of the Rife Machine. And then he began to eat again. We affectionately call him Lazarus! You can read about it on my personal blog.

In finding links for the post on my personal blog today I stumbled upon Jerry Brunetti’s notes from the video that I posted here called, “Watch This”. You really must look at these notes and study them carefully. They hold valuable information that just might save your life. I’ve known several lyme victims who have died from cancer. Why cancer and not Lyme? Because with Lyme Disease comes inflammation and inflammation leads to disease and more specifically cancer, heart disease, etc. Jerry Brunetti also had Lyme Disease! A coincidence??? I don’t think so.

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Transfer Factor

A few days ago, I shared with you the lectures by Jerry Brunetti. If you remember, he talked about something called, Immune Milk. Here are a couple very good articles that go into great depth to explain how immune milk works. I recently started taking LymPlus again, until I can get my own immune milk. My doc met the folks from Researched Nutritionals last year and he was very impressed with their products and began prescribing them for his patients. This product is specific to a wide range or lyme antigens and all the co-infections.

The herxing can be quite significant and as explained here, it boosts your T-cells for battle. I took this product for 1 month last year. It wasn’t understood then how long one needed to take the product, but after reading this information about using a universal oral vaccine, I think that if one were to use LymPlus they’d need to take it for at least 1 year as described below in “Universal Oral Vaccine Part 5”.

“Through periodic laboratory measures of the activity of natural killer cells, their physician associates have been able to correlate increased activity with decrease in the disease and its symptoms. (Please note: this is not a natural killer cell count, but rather a measure of activity of the killer cells already present in the patient.) The tests and stimulating supplement are not inexpensive, and results may take a year or so to gradually demonstrate effectiveness in some immune-weakened cases – but, considering the alternatives, this is indeed a “miraculous” result from colostrum.”

Indeed, a miraculous result of colostrum! Not just any colostrum as you might have read, but specific immune colostrum.

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Watch This!

I had the opportunity to meet Jerry Brunetti at the Deirdre Currie Festival in Ann Arbor, MI in September. I wish I knew then what I know now and had more time to pick his brain. Maybe the Lord will give me the opportunity to do just that!

You must take the time to watch these videos. They take about 3 hours total, so pull out a notebook and jot down as much as you can. On this journey that I’ve been on for 37 years searching for answers and for nuggets of gold, I glean what I can from others who have walked ahead of me. I suppose that is what I am offering to many of you. Nuggets of gold. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” In my book, I see it this way. If one can heal from cancer and autism, then one CAN heal from Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections. Yes, these are very intelligent organisms, but our bodies given the right pieces to the puzzle can heal. I believe it with ALL my heart. So we continue to learn and grow. We press on. And offer HOPE TO HEAL!

Seems as if these videos have been pulled for various reasons. I’m not sure.

I’m sorry you missed them. They were invaluable to those suffering. It appears that you can purchase these DVD’s from several places. Please do a search and I’m sure you can find them.

Photo Credit: Flickr with link

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