Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

The Come Back Kid

I’ve been on Dr Zhang’s protocol for 1 yr. His book recommends 6 months to 1 yr depending on how sick you are and how long you’ve been infected with Lyme and even longer if needed. Since I’ve had Lyme for over 36 yrs, I go the distance when advised. I feel 100% healed today. My recent bout with Hymoletic Anemia was corrected with food and supp’s. And I’m continuing with Dr Zhang’s Herbs for a few more months. Then I’ll have my blood work done again to see how my CD 57 is and how my liver enzymes are. I expect everything to look really good!

I’m still Rifing after 3 yrs and pursuing food as medicine and using Dr Zhang’s Chinese Herbal Medicine and other supp’s to stay where I am and even progress further where possible.

Since being diagnosed 4 yrs ago, I have been on an all out battle to defeat this hideous disease and it’s many co-infections. I have never once believed that it was not beatable! Not once!!!

Yes, I had many days of despair and pain, but I never gave up. I clung to My God and what He promised me. I took everything seriously and never cheated on my diet. I’ve been faithful to eating Traditional Nutrient Dense foods that Dr Weston A Price discovered to bring health and healing to those who ate them. I detox regularly. I go to bed before 10PM. And I try to live a stress free life that includes gardening, caring for farm animals and serving others through various charities, including my own; Butterflies and Bumble Bees. I have found that serving others is one of the most important things we can do to heal. When we focus on others and take our eyes off of ourselves we just feel better. I don’t and never have referred to myself as a “Lymie”. That in NO way defines me. I believe that those are negative words that only bring you down. I speak positive words of affirmation that not only lift me but lift others as well. Even in the worst of times I believe that it is important for you to do something outside of yourself.

My only real complaint right now are my feet. Nothing new to lots of Lyme patients. It’s been almost a yr since I tried to walk/run again. I made up my mind this week to try again. Since I feel 100% then I should be exercising! No excuses!!!

We have a really nice new Senior / Community Center just 2 miles from my home. The best part is an indoor track. Plus I found out on Monday that since I’m now 50, I am a Senior!!! YIKES!!! BUT being a Senior qualifies me to use the Fitness Room for FREE during certain hrs of the day.

I set out Monday to just try and walk. I revamped my running shoes with some cushioned inserts and headed out the door. I decided that if I was indeed nearly 100% healed than I should be exercising regularly to shed the 30 pounds that I’ve gained from sitting! No more excuses! If my feet hurt then I’ll have to find a remedy! One thing I’m using is Traumeel. It’s a homeopathic ointment for trauma or injuries. I’m rubbing into my feet 2-3 X and day.

I walked a couple laps to warm up and then the old me kicked in. I broke out in a run…I just couldn’t help myself. I love to run! I decided to run half a lap around and walk half a lap. I did this for 30 min’s which was estimated to be 2 miles. I was very happy. OK, I was just short of doing back flips!

My new plan is to workout 3 days a week. On Mondays and Fridays I’ll walk/run 30 min’s and use the fitness room for resistance training for 30 min’s. On Wednesday I’m going to take a Pilates class to help strengthen this old body. I really need it. I’m not going to tell my doc. I’m going to wait and surprise him with a HUGE weight loss by my next appointment in March. He’ll be ecstatic!

Today, I was able to run 1 lap and walk 1 lap for 30 min’s.  My muscles are encouraging me with pain. Good Pain! I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a Come Back Kid!

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Udate On My Health

I wanted to give you an update on my recent struggle with Hemolytic Anemia caused by Babesia. For those of you who haven’t read my blog, I had some invader killing my RBC at a rapid rate. My doc was pretty certain it was a reinfection of Babesia, since I’d had another deer tick in June 2008 and it was a few months after that, that I began to feel tired and worn out again. I thought it was because I’d worked so hard this summer.

Here are two photos to compare how I looked. For me this is amazing. I Knew in Photo #1 that I was feeling tired and drawn out, but I didn’t know how badly or why. Photo #2 was taken just last week after aggressively attacking the Hemolytic Anemia with food and supp’s. I am taking Milk Thistle-1200 mg, mega doses of Vit C for inflammation, increased Thyroid/Liver from Dr Ron’s, and adding back in Artemisiae from Hepapro, lots of Cod Liver Oil and a slew of other supp’s including Dr Zhang’s protocol.

I’ve been on the Artemisiae again for 1 month now and feel like night and day. Even though I haven’t had one positive test for Babesia other than a clinical diagnosis, it’s clear to me that when I take Artemisiae and feel this great then there’s no denying I am infected with it. (It’s either that or Malaria from my time in India?) I had one very, very bad attack while on vacation in NC a couple weeks ago. It was a doozy! One of the worst I’ve ever had. My good days out weigh my bad again. I’ve gone from the every other day syndrome to maybe one bad day every couple weeks. I’m working hard again and looking forward to our new addition to Peaceful Acres; a Jersey cow!!! I picked up our 3 laying hens on Friday and have been tending to them this weekend. I worked for a couple hours yesterday fixing the fence and tending my winter garden. I’m praying that this will last through the winter and on. I’ve yet to have one good winter for the past…..well, I don’t know how many years. A very long time.

Photo #1


September 2008

Photo #2


November 2008

I suppose I did look kinda jaundice. Ok a lot jaundice and soooo tired. I’ll be having another set of labs done this week and I’m sure that I’ve gotten my liver enzymes and bilirubin down. And that my RBC count is up to normal. It’s just my hunch.

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Good News

My doc called last evening with my recent lab results. I’ve managed to raise my hemoglobin another 2 pts! I’ve come from 26.9 to 32.6 with 34 being the low end of normal!!! My liver enzymes are still high, but that’s because it will take a while for me to detox my liver from the overload that’s been barraged on it. The Artemisiae is already helping to kill the Babesia and I’m experiencing the every other day syndrome again.

After this latest assault on my body, I’m trying to understand more about the way the infections attack us, and exactly how our body and it’s systems react. I know that for me, the destruction of my RBC was the serious reason for my exhaustion. I’m sure that that constant attack caused my adrenals to take a hit. But it didn’t stem from the adrenals. So many times, I’ve heard that it’s the adrenals and we forget to focus on the infection. As my doc keeps reminding me, we will attack and support my body. He doesn’t want me to live in a constant state of detoxing. It’s his concern that we attack the infections and then clean up after them and aid the body with food and supp’s.

The every other day syndrome I spoke about is feeling exhausted every other day. My family and I saw this pattern years ago, before a diagnosis but we didn’t know what to attribute it to. Now that I’m in another healing phase, I know that it’s to be expected. So, I try to plan for every other day. I can’t expect too much from myself or I disappoint. I hate living this way again, after having so many months of every day being an excellent day, BUT, I have to accept it. I realize that it’s not my adrenals that can’t keep up with me, it’s the total effect of the infections on my body. I’ll continue to support my adrenals, but I won’t stop living on my “good” days. Soon, I’ll start to see more good days and less bad days. Then again, the good with out do the bad until I have 1 bad day a month and then none! It just takes a lot of work and focusing on killing the infections and supporting the body to heal in the process.

Our plan is working and I feel over joyed. My doc asked me exactly what I was doing and he was a little grossed out that I was juicing raw chicken livers! (always make sure you know the source of your food!) It’s all working together. Lots of seafood; salmon, sardines, scallops and Cod Liver Oil. Dried Turkish apricots, pineapple chutney, beet kvass and so many other wonderful healing foods that raise hemoglobin. Juicing, and doing coffee enemas, FAR sauna and hot epsom salts baths. I’ve added raw colostrum back into my diet for the added immune boosters and natural transfer factors from the cow. And I’ve started taking Transfer Factor from Researched Nutritionals again.

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Understanding The Enemy

Most of us realize that these infectious diseases we have are not only a mystery to us regular folk, but they are also a mystery to most medical doctors. Case in point; Bartonella.

After my doc called with my labs two weeks ago, I came to the conclusion that Bartonella was the culprit. High liver enzymes, enlarged spleen, severe anemia……

I’ve been keeping journals of this journey for the past three years. It helps me map it together and see patterns, so that when my brain fails me at least it’s on paper. It helps me communicate more clearly with my doc. He’s a very kind and busy man, with many sick people to see each day. So, when it’s my turn, I can be specific and clear. It helps him and it helps me.

When I found out two weeks ago that my labs were less than perfect, I revamped my game plan. I began rifing very specific for Bartonella. As soon as I did that, I had a severe gallbladder attack. So, I did a flush and took care of that. Then on Friday, my back went out on me….I hate it when that happens, at least it could have taken me with it.

The funny thing to all of this is that I do not have back problems. It dawned on me that my back went out last October! A coincidence or a pattern? Then I recalled that the very first time this happened was in December of 2006.

Most if not all, Lyme patients have patterns. They can point to cycles. For most women the infections cycle with ones periods. There is an intense symptom cycle when a women bleeds. Then there is usually a seasonal cycle too; quaterly. And now I’m seeing a seasonal pattern with Bartonella.

I discovered while reading this AM, that the peak transmission for Bartonella is the fall and winter!!!!!! BINGO!

Not only did my back go out on Friday, but I also got my period and that night had a very good fever. By Sunday, I was moving around pretty well and I felt like I could sense the disease active in my body so I rifed again last night. I directed my frequencies toward Lyme and Bartonella. BINGO Again!!! I instantly knew I’d hit on a good frequency. I could feel it intensify in my back and then I knew I was herxing almost immediately. I knew that the whole deal with my back had to do with the disease. I couldn’t piece it together, but I knew.

When I went to get ready for bed. I noticed a very tender spot on my back….the area that I’ve been seeing my doc about lately. My spleen??? My kidney???? Probably my spleen. I felt it and it was warm to touch. It was also swollen. And it felt like something was there. I looked in the mirror and sure enough…..the claw marks. That was in the area of my spleen, not the area that my back went out which is over my left rump. Anyway, that area is very, very sensitive this AM, and I can tell, I stirred it up.

It’s nothing new to me to get the Cat Scratch claw marks. I’ve been noticing them on my right thigh for several years. Most recently I had them on my left thigh and across my stomach, and more specifically across my gallbladder! They always look the same. Three claw marks. Very red. The appearance of a scratch. A BIG scratch….kinda freaky! I’d show you the pictures, but I don’t want them out there on the world wide web, me in my green Hanes undies!!! I’ll save it for my doc, he’s seen it all!

I stopped my med’s yesterday….Cat’s Claw and Knotweed, which I’d only started Friday. I decided to ride this out, so that the bacteria would not go defensive. I want it out so I can kill it with the rife machine. And I’ll see my doc as soon as possible for some acupuncture to relieve the back pain. I’m going to focus on detoxing with coffee enemas and sauna therapy.  And I’ve decided to stop my swimming classes, due to the over load of toxins which my body doesn’t need right now from the Chlorine in the pool.

The good news is, that I feel stronger and better than I have for the past three years. I usually drop out of “remission” in the fall and struggle until early spring.  This is a common factor among us.  I’m not feeling that this year. I believe that with the higher intake of Cod Liver Oil and increasing my hemoglobin generating foods, I’ll not just be OK, but I’ll continue healing. I am focusing on my liver and spleen with herbal tonics. And I’m taking desecrated liver and kidney bovine from Dr Ron’s. Plus my other supp’s.  And I do believe that when we understand the enemy we can support our immune systems and kill it!

And what’s better than a sunny outlook on life. This is the day the Lord has made and I WILL rejoice and be glad in it!   🙂

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