Hope for those suffering from Lyme Disease

Nutrition is Everything!

My life is full and I wish that all of you could find the same healing from food that I have. It didn’t come easy. I am continuing to see leaps and bounds in my health. You can follow my progress at my new sites: The Home of Peaceful Acres and Simply Real Foods.

I am writing my book and I hope that it might be complete in the next year or so. Please continue following my progress, because I do not believe that this healing is mine alone!


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Dance On!

I saw my doc two weeks ago and although it was a day when I was having an episode of Malaria/Babesia (we’ve decide to call it that since no test so far has been conclusive of either, but I never had these symptoms until I came home from India in 2005), he was greatly encouraged. In fact he said something that nearly blew my socks right off …..he told me that I was his healthiest patient!!!! Wow. That’s incredible news. He loves it when I come in. I’m just not your typical patient. I’ve thought through everything clearly and I’ve taken notes to bring with me. I go over my blood work with a fine tooth comb…at least as much as I can understand. I ask questions and have logical discussions. I’m always thinking outside the box. I’m telling you, I’m the kind of person who asks, “what do I have to do to be healed”, and I do it!

I’m going to digress here for something that has been near to my heart on this journey to healing. It’s the story of the crippled man from Bethesda as chronicled in the Bible.

Jesus asked him “What is it you want me to do for you?” Seems pretty obvious, huh? The man said, “Heal me.” What Jesus wanted to know was if the man really wanted to be healed. Or did he enjoy the sympathy and attention that being crippled got him. I had to face this exact question one day back in 2006. The Lord really confronted me with the question, “What is it you want me to do for you?” That’s when I made the decision to do whatever it takes. To live well and not cheat. To practice what I preached. To listen to His leading. To ask for His leading. And that’s what you have to do. I can tell you everything I’ve done to get where I am, but you have to decide what it is God has for you. We are not all the same, so my supplement regime wouldn’t necessarily be yours. My infections and symptoms are surely different than yours, so you have to gear your regime to fit you. I can tell you that diet is vital. And that Dr Zhang’s herbs work! Listen to the Lord and listen to your body. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take a step of faith on this road of healing.

Now back to my other thoughts.

We don’t know if one of my infections is Malaria or Babesia. Either way they are treated the same. My natural choice has been Dr Zhang’s Artemisea. My doc offers me choices. Then I always steal his thunder by saying the right thing. Like I told him I didn’t think it was wise to take Malarone or any other Rx for the Malaria/Babesia, due to the fact that my liver enzymes are still elevated. That’s where he was going with it, but he wanted to know what I wanted. Then he asked if I was ready for something really different. I said sure.

He went over all my supp’s and herbs and said that I couldn’t be doing a better job at killing the infections and supporting my body. He told me that I couldn’t be living a better lifestyle with diet and environmental issues. We went through my history again from age 20.

He’s been trying a new therapy for a while and thought we ought to go a new direction in our approach. My doc believes that anyone of us can carry Lyme and it’s co-infections or even cancer for that matter, around in our bodies for a very, very long time with no symptoms. Then BAM! Something happens like the birth of a child. A job loss. A death. An accident or a surgery. Something stressful or traumatic. Something that may leave a scar, both literal and figuratively. And it, the infections becomes active. For myself, I’ve gone in and out of the symptoms for years. The most recent in 2005 being the most severe ever.

My doc is also a licensed acupuncturist. And I’ve had him give me a few treatments for back pain and foot pain. It works like magic every time. I understand the principles behind acupuncture. And I understand in a limited way that our bodies are full of energy. Thus we have nerves and energy flowing through us constantly. And they can get blocked by scar tissue. A nerve that is cut or cut close to can take yrs and yrs to recover. AND suppose it’s scarring that is keeping me from reaching that next level of healing.

That new therapy he’s been working with is, Scar Therapy. See I have a ton of scars. The first, on my chin when I cut it open on barbed wire when I was two. The next came in 1984 & 1988 from episiotomies when having my two children. Then I had 8 surgeries in 6 yrs on my arms and hands from an auto accident in 1993. I think that’s it. (One doc told me never to stop taking 1,000 mg of Vit C daily due to all the x-rays I’ve had in my lifetime. X-rays have been proven to be a link to cancer.) The strange thing my doc has seen is that sometimes a scarring incident can be all it takes to send you into a spiral. It did with me. After my second child and consequently my second episiotomy I crashed. After 8 surgeries on my arms and hands I crashed.

I’m not saying I understand it all. I’m just willing to try something new. I’ve already made tremendous progress so why not see if I can improve even more.

I started taking a homeopathic treatment to dissolve scar tissue, which still ridals me. Now I’ll chart everything and see if anything changes. The idea is to open pathways of healing so I can rise further above this mess. (I’m back after starting this a few weeks ago.) I’ve been taking the Scar Therapy for two weeks. It’s amazing, I squirt 8 sprays in my mouth 3 times a day. The scar on my chin from when I was 2 yrs old is itching for the first time ever. The scars on my hands are itching like crazy. This stuff is working. After the first week I experienced a lot of pain in my hands which are covered in scars from all the surgeries and investigative surgeries. I have no less than 6 little X’s on the top of my hands and wrists from the telescopic surgery to find the problem. Then I have a incision that is about 8-10″ long on each arm where my ulna’s were shortened. Each opened multiple times.

So for now, I know that something is breaking loose from the inside. I’ll let you know how it goes.

We also talked about the the moon and it’s cycles. A lot of Lyme patients believe they see a worsening of symptoms when there is a full moon. I’m not sure. But interestingly enough I did have two very bad Malaria/Babesia episodes at the first quarter of the moon just in the last few months. So, it’s just another thing to chart and keep track of. This month I saw an entire week of on again and off again issues during the week from the 1st quarter to the full moon. AND this full moon was one of the closest we’ve had in years. Do you remember it? It was so close to the earth, it looked like you could touch it. After the night of the full moon, nothing. I’ve been fine.

I’m sharing this so that you can be aware of new approaches to healing. Step out of the box! And allow Jesus to ask you, “What is it you want me to do for you?” Can you say, “I REALLY WANT TO BE HEALED!” That means taking full responsibility and making no more excuses. Dancing to your hearts content!

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Watch This!

I had the opportunity to meet Jerry Brunetti at the Deirdre Currie Festival in Ann Arbor, MI in September. I wish I knew then what I know now and had more time to pick his brain. Maybe the Lord will give me the opportunity to do just that!

You must take the time to watch these videos. They take about 3 hours total, so pull out a notebook and jot down as much as you can. On this journey that I’ve been on for 37 years searching for answers and for nuggets of gold, I glean what I can from others who have walked ahead of me. I suppose that is what I am offering to many of you. Nuggets of gold. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” In my book, I see it this way. If one can heal from cancer and autism, then one CAN heal from Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections. Yes, these are very intelligent organisms, but our bodies given the right pieces to the puzzle can heal. I believe it with ALL my heart. So we continue to learn and grow. We press on. And offer HOPE TO HEAL!

Seems as if these videos have been pulled for various reasons. I’m not sure.

I’m sorry you missed them. They were invaluable to those suffering. It appears that you can purchase these DVD’s from several places. Please do a search and I’m sure you can find them.

Photo Credit: Flickr with link

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My Greatest Insurance Policy

When we were first diagnosed in 2005, we beat our heads against the wall researching. You see, it’s ok that I was diagnosed, but it wasn’t ok that my son was. You can touch me but don’t touch my kids. So, day and night that’s all I did for 4 straight months. I read and I read and I read. And because my brain was so infected, I’d re-read! Then I’d pass info on to my husband, Bob and he’d read and filter it out. Since my brain was beyond the point of reasoning and I didn’t have one ounce of logic left, I trusted Bob’s judgment and always will. I’m not bragging, but Bob is smart. No, really. He’s got the gift of wisdom and I trust his ability to break things down and make sense of them.

On one of those long days sitting in front of the computer, I discovered something about Dr Royal Rife. Something called a Rife Machine. I saved it and showed Bob.

We’d already learned about the strength of this intelligent pathogenic organism that was living in our bodies. We knew that ABX failed. We knew that I’d had it a very long time and I’d probably given it to my children congenitally. It was Bob’s decision to purchase a Rife Machine. I followed in blind faith. And looking back, I’m so glad I did.

First we bought Bryan Rosner’s book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. He goes into greater depths than we could have imagined about the disease and the pros and cons of different treatments, treatments that we were considering. I’ve said all along, that if my house is burning down, there are two books I’ll grab; my Bible and Lyme Disease and Rife Machines. I’ve read it countless times. As my brain has healed it’s almost as if most of these books are new to me. A lot never made any sense to me because my brain was so infected. That’s where Bob always came in.

When we got our book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, Bob read it several times. I read it and read it and read it. It was based on Bryan’s research and his comparison charts that we made our decision to purchase an EMEM 3. Since then many new Rife Machines have been manufactured for a small fortune. They have all kinds of bells and whistles. But our criteria was cost and effectiveness.

The EMEM 3 is the machine we went with. It is your basic hand dial machine and looks like the one in the photo above. At first I tried dialing in all those frequencies and it took forever. But as I learned my most effective frequencies and I’ve learned how to dial faster, it only takes me a couple of seconds to get what I need. No, it doesn’t do sweeps. I use to think that I really needed that option, but really it’s like when you buy a car. What do you really need for the car to run and get you from point A to point B? Basically just the car and the key. You don’t need a radio or a CD player of a DVD player or a GPS (ok so some of you do need a GPS!). You get my point.

Oh we wanted a Doug Coil, but we couldn’t afford one made and we knew it had to be simple for me to use it. And we needed it FAST! I was quickly fading away. It was all I could do to even write my own name, the same name I’d had for 24 years. Yep, I was that far gone, I couldn’t even spell my last name……OK folks, it’s only 3 letters!!!!!!!!!!! I was a very sick puppy.

I’ll repeat it: Cost and effectiveness.

The EMEM 3 has proven to be quite an effective machine for others. Ours was just under $1000.00 with shipping. It has been our insurance policy that we only had to pay once for. We treat it as if it’s worth a million dollars. It sits by my computer now, and I turn it on frequently for an hour or two while I’m doing mindless things.

It may turn out that some where down the road we need a machine that can get decimal readings, since I have Ehrlichiosis and most of it’s frequencies are in the decimals. But, I do believe that I’m going to kill these diseases with my EMEM 3 and with food.

Since most of what we use we pay for out of pocket, and trust me, we’d rather it be that way. Even though we pay for our health care premium, we rarely use it and when we do, they ask us to pay for unbelievable deductibles. Unreal. But, if you don’t have insurance and if you’re really sick, a Rife Machine is your best insurance policy. We also own a copy of Nina Silver’s book The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing. It was worth the money. If you own a Rife Machine, you can use it for anything! Gallstones, Sciatica, CANCER, LYME, parasites……the list is endless. However, you don’t need this book for Lyme frequencies.  Bryan Rosner gives you the CAFL lists and you get testimony’s from others in his  book Lyme Disease and Rife Machines .  That’s where I picked up my favorite frequencies….from others. I’ll share mine.  (the first two came from Doug McLean…360 & 720, 450 & 832 (bartonella))  That’s my most effective frequencies.  It’s not that I don’t use all the others, I do.  It’s just that these are my favorites.  They work the best for ME.  Since we are all individuals we have to find what works for each of us.

You might be asking how I know they are the best for me.  I determine that by how I feel.  Usually I can feel the frequency in my body doing whatever it’s doing…stirring up the bacteria/pathogen and killing it.  I can usually feel a tingling or a swelling.  I then either itch like crazy or have a very very bad herxing reaction…head ache, foggy thinking, swelling.  You will learn to know your body and to know what you feel.  I keep a journal of every Rife session and write what I feel each and every time.  I also go back and write how I felt that week.  A journal is your best tool.  As Bob, says, “A short pencil is better than a long memory!!!!!”  Isn’t that true for us Lyme patients.  (I rarely use the work Lymie….I do hate it…..I like to see myself in positive terms….I am the daughter of the most high God or a beautiful princess….anything, but a Lymie!)

My doc tells me that a type of Rife Machine is being made and approved by the FDA. It will cost doctors upwards of $20,000.00. It is then that it may become very hard to find or buy a Rife Machine without a doctors permission. You know how it goes…..the FDA approves something and then they make it illegal for you to obtain it and the price goes UP!   Unless you can find it on the black market.   It’s the same old, same old. “We’re the gov’t and we’re here to help you.”

If you don’t own your own Rife Machine yet, then I urge you to not worry so much about all the bells and whistles.  Buy what you can and leave the rest to God…..A good AA slogan!!!!

Speaking of re-reading. I’m re-reading Dr Ron Schmid’s book Traditional Foods Are Your Best Medicine. And there’s another that I’m going to pick up, Food and Healing, by Annmarie Colbin.

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Detoxify or Die

I can’t impress upon you how important detoxing is when healing from Lyme Disease & co-infections. Most experts agree that our symptoms are a manifestation of the biotoxins and neurotoxins in our bodies. It only goes to reason that if you can get these toxins out on a regular basis then your symptoms will decrease. When your symptoms decrease you will have less stress and your body will heal faster. Whether you are using the Rife Machine, natural ABX, synthetic ABX or herbs, you must detoxify.

My chosen methods of detoxing are; coffee enemas, hydrotherapy, infrared sauna and diet. Of course there are others, but these are my favorites.

I know that the topic of coffee enemas is a bit private. OK, a lot private, but sometimes these things must be talked about. For further understanding of coffee enemas you can study the work of Dr Max Gerson. Coffee enemas were in the Merck Medical Manual until 1970. They were removed as a form of treatment, due to the lack of space not due to a lack of effective treatment. Dr Max Gerson found them vital for cancer patients to heal. He used them regularly for his migraine head aches and in our family we can attest to there effectiveness for this malady. Order some brochures or other printed material and research it. You will be glad you did.

Hydrotherapy is the use of water in detoxing. It was from Dr Richard Schulze, an herbalist that I learned to do this. It really takes guts, but it is very effective. Stand in the shower and use as hot, hot, hot as you can stand without burning your skin, for 30 seconds, then switch to cold, cold, cold for 30 seconds. Do this 7-8 times and it will wake you up. Hydrotherapy shocks the body. It forces the blood in and out. Focus on areas that are painful or if you think it needs attention. Dr Schulze’s patients have sworn by hydrotherapy to reduce or eliminate cysts or tumors. I did them for one complete year and have resumed them since realizing that Bartonella is quite active in my body. (I do not agree with Dr Richard Schulze on his adoption of the vegetarian diet. Dr Weston A Price proved other wise and it is that diet that I adhere to.) As Dr Schulze so accurately says, “this won’t kill you, but the disease you have will!!!”

The other area of detoxing is diet. Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride suggests that the body detoxes from 2-10 AM. She recommends not eating breakfast until at least 10 AM, allowing the body to properly detox. Dr Campbell-McBride allows juices first thing in the morning. Not canned juices. Fresh carrot, green veggies and juicy fruits. My favorite is, carrot, celery, chard or kale, beet root, and an apple. You can use which ever veggies are your favorite, but consider the biggest bang for your buck. Another great detox food is Beet Kvass; a blood tonic made from Beet Root. Beets are a wonderful detox food for the liver. Always consider nutrient dense foods even for your juices.

During my most toxic days, I used the Infrared Sauna every day for 20 min’s at 125*F. During the winter months I usually ramp it up to 135*F, but it takes some time to get use to. It increases your heart rate and takes a little while afterwards of resting to get your heart rate back down to what’s normal for you. So, don’t rush these things. Make sure you take plenty of time to rest. Your skin is your largest organ. Not only does it absorb toxins but it is an excellent way to detox the body. If you dry brush your skin before entering the sauna, you will stimulate your lymphs and slough off dead skin cells.

And of course drinking lots of clean filtered water is one of the very best ways to detoxify your body. It will replace the fluids lost during saunas and enemas and it will flush out toxins. It’s recommend that a person consume at least 64 oz of water a day.

Here is a wonderful explanation of detoxing for cancer. Even though Lyme is not Cancer, the elements of detoxing remain the same; the need to eliminate biotoxins & with Lyme neurotoxins from the blood.


This article may come in handy. It is from canceroption.com newsletter.
An Introduction to Detoxification
by: Michael Guthrie, R. Ph.

“Cancer cells produce a large number of toxins that inhibit the immune response, damage tissues and cause weight loss and other complications. Thus, a spreading cancer becomes more and more difficult to control because of an increased toxin load. There are safe, and effective ways of reducing the toxin load on the body.

Detoxification is an important aspect of cancer protocols, and any kind of detoxification of the body, and is often a neglected part of optimizing treatment and clinical results. We live in a toxic world with air and water pollution, food and medication additives derived from petroleum and coal tars and other carcinogenic (cancer producing) sources. Drinking water sources when tested may show elevated levels of TCE, PCB, chloramines, dioxin and other carcinogenic substances. Even our supplemental vitamins, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical drugs are often synthesized from sources such as genetically engineered corn, sugar or soy. These sources of raw materials are often cheaper than less allergenic sources and corn allergies constitute one of the most common food allergens in the US. Traces of allergens may cause down regulation of our immune system or a sidetracking of our bodies immune system with a consequential less than optimum immune system to fight cancer and opportunistic diseases and organisms. Cosmetics, food with hydrogenated vegetable oils, pesticides, flea collars, decaffeinated coffee and a host of other daily-encountered substances are carcinogenic!

By detoxification of the body, we can optimize the well being of our healthy cells including our immune system. Everyone has some levels of mutated cells produced daily, however our immune system keeps these abnormal cells in check. Cancer cells and cancer-associated viruses are more likely to mutate and adapt to toxic environments than healthy cells. Indeed, cancer is induced in laboratory animals by giving the animals toxic substances which cause cancer by mutating normal cells to survive the toxin. Toxins in our body can accumulate in the subcutaneous fat layer under our skin and in the liver. The liver is the largest immune organ in our body and is a source of Kupffer’s cells. These cells filter and destroy foreign bacteria, fungus, viruses, mycoplasma and cancerous cells. Since the liver is our body’s major waste disposal system and largest immune organ, it is important to enhance liver function, reduce excessive stress and detoxify this major organ.

By detoxification of the body, we enhance our clinical approach to cancer and other illnesses. It is also important to restore nutrients necessary for optimum utilization of healthy cells and immune system. Many traditional approaches to treatment of a serious disease can cause depletion of these essential nutrients. By utilizing detoxification and restoration of necessary levels of nutrients, clinical approaches are integrated and optimized for enhanced healing and well-being. Detoxification is accomplished through various supplements as well as via far-infrared saunas.”

My doc has been very pleased even with the portable saunas.


Resting in my opinion is one of the most cherished gifts you can give yourself. Learn to say, “no” and “I need help”. You will become stronger and those around you will learn compassion.

How will you know if you are detoxing?

1. Your body odor will stop or if you’re really dumping toxins, it will increase. (stop using regular deo/antiperspirants from the drug store). Not only are they toxic, but they clog your glands and you can’t detox. Remember your skin is one of your major detox organs. Sweat glands were made to sweat!!! I haven’t used deo/antiperspirants for over 15 yrs. I use a crystal stone sold in any health food store. Most days I remember it, but there are many that I don’t. I no longer have BO, since I practice regular detoxing.

2. You will feel better. Sometimes you feel worse, before you feel better. Sometimes upon dumping the colon and releasing lots of toxins you have a head ache. Pay attention to where the head ache is. You will learn a detox h.a. from another h.a. Mine are in my frontal lobe as opposed to an over all head ache. It is vital to be constantly replacing and replenishing the colon with good quality flora especially if you’re using coffee enemas. My favorite is Friendly Flora from

Dr Rons.

3. You may experience things like, sinus drainage, fatigue, energy, intensified itching, or an intensity of symptoms prior to a relief.

Every one of us is different and will have different experiences from detoxing. But one thing is universal, we must all detox.

Most of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBrides work is done with Autistic Children. What I have found is that the same principles apply to those of us healing from Lyme Disease and co-infections. In this video clip she discusses some of the detoxing results. I recommend you watch all these videos that she and Donna Gates present for parents of Autistics. The info on the gut flora is vital to healing.

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Environmental Health

As a chronically ill person fighting a life threatening disease, it became a serious task of cleaning out our home of ALL toxins. It was in the summer of 2005 that I used Comet for the last time! I cleaned the sink, and nearly fell off my feet. The chemicals went straight to my brain and knocked out my nervous system. I was totally incapacitated for the entire day. If I tried to stand, I’d fall over. That was the last time a chemical was allowed in this house.

We have replaced all cleaners, soaps, paper goods and even cosmetics with non-petro products. Our new cleaners also have no synthetic fragrances. Due to the condition of my health I was extremely sensitive to smells.

I was in the store once with a friend who I’d only been able to find, by the fragrance coming from her clothing. Not only was it intolerable for me to walk down or near an isle with cleaning and laundry supplies, but I feared actually becoming incapacitated in the store. If my nervous system went out, then I’d be in big trouble. It never did, thank God.

You must clean out these toxic chemicals from your house. You breath them, you soak them into your skin and you even eat some of them. In order to heal, this area is vital.

We use Dr Bronner’s Soap for just about everything, even brushing teeth! Dr Bronner’s can be found in any health food store or at Trader Joe’s. It’s concentrate so it’s a good bang for your buck. I keep a spray bottle under the kitchen sink for spraying veggies, a foam dispenser at each sink in the house for hands, and a spray bottle in the bathroom for cleaning. It really does remove those tough stains, like coffee. If you want an antibacterial, essential oil juniper is a good choice. I also use some of the Ecover products for cleaning the bathrooms.

For laundry we use Trader Joe’s since it has no petro or synthetic fragrances. I use Dr Ron’s hair products and I know I can trust him to not add any petro. I use handmade soaps and I use Eco Bella cosmetics which are also petro free.

It’s also important to think about what you wipe you rear with. If I’m not going to bath in it, why would I want to put it on my bottom. An area that absorbs everything. Again, I buy Trader Joe’s Recycled TP….yeah, it makes me laugh every time!!!! 😀 Recycled TP!!!!!!!!!!!! We also use TJ’s paper towels and tissues. No lotions on any of them and they are recycled paper….that’s “green”.

We don’t freak out any more about germs…well, not the germs in our home. I am a little OCD when I go out in public. I try not to touch certain things. Then I’m really careful to wash my hands. But at home, we are pretty relaxed and here’s why. I believe we have become bacteria resistant due to our anti-bacterial everything. This disease, Lyme, is a stealth bacteria. One of the strongest on earth! It’s pleomorphic which allows it to protect itself from all types of killers, except the Rife Machine. It does not detect it…so it’s a good weapon of attack.

I digress. We had our septic tank cleaned out a few years ago. Due to my poor health, I’d forgotten to schedule it for several years and it was over due. When I have my tank cleaned, I always ask the guy, “how’s my sludge?” It’s not an unusual question. The healthier my septic tank the more good bacteria is there breaking down the waste. He said, “how long did you say it’s been?” I said, “5 years.” He said, “5 years. That’s unusual, it’s in great shape. It seems like we don’t see many healthy septics anymore. Not with all these anti-bacterial cleaners.” That’s when I said, “oh, that must be because we don’t use them!” He smiled. Yep! Then he HAD to say for the company, “it’s still good to have it done every 3 years.” Well, sure, because at $110 a pop, they wouldn’t want me to stretch that.

I’ll be posting some great herbal cleaning ideas in the coming days. In the mean time, clean out your house. Get a big trash can and fill it with ALL those cleaners and papers. Don’t even give them away. Why would you want to share your toxins with someone else? Don’t worry, pull out your vinegar, baking soda and salt. Until I post how to use them, just do it! A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there.

Now that’s what I call “Green”!

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One Amazing Food!

(chicken liver mousse-this was fabulous!)

(see recipe below)

I’ve never been a huge fan of liver. However, since my recent diagnosis of severe anemia, I realize that liver is my friend. I found this amazing story on the WAPF site. Links are given if you’d like to see the entire article by Lynn Razaitis.


Pernicious anemia is a debilitating disease caused by B12 deficiency. Until 1926, the only treatment for the disease was blood transfusions. Shortly thereafter, Drs. Whipple, Murphy and Minot received the Nobel Price for their discovery of liver therapy for the disease. Dr. William P. Murphy recalls the discovery of the therapy:

“Dr. George Whipple of the University of Rochester had demonstrated that liver caused a rapid replacement of blood in dogs made anemic by bleeding. From his idea, we proposed that liver might be useful in treating pernicious anemia, even though this anemia was totally different from the one induced in dogs.

“With these observations, it became important to prove the efficacy of liver. But in those days, getting permission to do studies was not such an easy matter. The chief physician of Peter Bent Brigham Hospital was quite skeptical, but gave me permission with the understanding that a transfusion would never be withheld from a patient who needed one.

“I started one of my patients on liver therapy. This patient, a man in his forties, was critically ill and partially comatose. In spite of his condition, I was able to explain to him that liver might be distinctly useful to him. We found that if a patient were fed half a pound of liver per day, it would take about five days to show an increase in red blood count.

“But this man seemed more ill on the fifth day. According to the policy laid down, my patient was a candidate for a transfusion. I stayed up very late that night trying to decide to give him the liver. It was a miserable night, but around midnight I noticed that his red blood cell count had increased slightly. That gave me courage to go on with the liver. When I saw his blood count go up, I went home and collapsed into bed, slept very poorly and was back at the hospital at seven o’clock the next morning.

“I approached his room with fear and trembling, and cautiously peaked around the corner to see if he was still alive. To my great surprise and relief he sat up in bed and cheerfully asked, “What time is breakfast?” His blood count was at the maximum and he not only survived but lived many years. With that success, the staff became cooperative.

“Later, patients didn’t have to choke down liver but could receive extracts and still later, vitamin B12. . .”

For those who want to prevent pernicious anemia from ever occurring, the best course of action is to eat liver once a week, as our ancestors usually did.


I also found this great new recipe on the same site at WAPF. It sounds really yummy. I’ll use cream instead of sour cream (just because that’s what I have on hand). Plus I also read another recipe using bacon! That sounds good too.

Liver with Sour Cream

Serves 4

2 1/2 pounds liver (calf, pork or beef), sliced
2 onions, chopped
1 cup sour cream
4 tablespoons butter
2 cup beef stock
2 tablespoons dill, freshly chopped
2 tablespoons unbleached white flour
sea salt and pepper to taste

Wash, pat dry, and sprinkle each piece of liver with salt and pepper. Dredge in flour, fry on each side in butter and remove. Sauté the onions until golden brown and then layer both liver and onions in a deep pot. Deglaze the pan with beef stock, stir well and add the sour cream, stir, then add to the liver and onions. Mix well and cover. Cook slowly over low-heat for 20 minutes. Uncover, stir well, re-cover and cook for another 10 minutes. Remove liver from pot, arrange on individual plates and pour sauce over the slices. Sprinkle with the dill. This is very good when served with boiled or fried potatoes or rice.


Here is another great recipe from my friend Ann Marie. I made it w/o the cognac. Mine is photoed above and it is delicious!!! I’m wondering if it would be as good with beef liver.

Balthazar’s Chicken Liver Mousse

1 pound chicken livers
1/2 pound plus 4 TBS butter, melted
1 egg
2 tsp salt
Pinch of quatre-epices (equal parts nutmeg, allspice, cloves and cinnamon)
Pinch of freshly ground white pepper
2 TBS Cognac

1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
2. Brush 6 4-oz ramekins with the 4 TBS melted butter.
3. Process the chicken livers, egg, salt, quatre-epices, pepper, and Cognac in a food processor. (I left out the Cognac, since I wanted to feed this to Kate. I didn’t have any white pepper so I used black pepper instead. And I used freshly grated nutmeg, only because I happen to have whole nutmegs and a nutmeg grater.)
4. With the food processor running, slowly add the 1/2 pound of melted butter. Blend for 15 seconds.
5. Pour the mixture into the ramekins, filling 3/4 of the way.
5. Set the ramekins in a baking dish and fill the baking dish with water to half the height of the ramekins.
6. Bake for 30 minutes.
7. Let the ramekins cool, and then refrigerate until needed.
8. Run a warm knife around the edge of each ramekin, cover with a plate, and invert.
9. Serve chilled (we ate it room temp) with baguette toasts.


We aren’t sure yet, why I am severely anemic, but in my opinion it matters not. Not that it doesn’t matter, we will get to the bottom of it, but I mean, eating liver. I will up my liver intake to fit the doctors experiment in the above story. Oh boy, 1/2 lb liver a day!!!!! Man, I think I’ll go through a bunch of my 100 onions, plus all that liver from our steer. If I have to eat liver, I’d rather have chicken livers, BUT you guessed it….beef liver is the better! Look at this chart. It’s amazing! Look at the Vit A! Look at the Selenium! Look at that Potassium…it’s better than a banana!  Just look at the amazing nutrients…this for sure is a nutrient dense food if I ever saw one!!!!

Liver Comparison Chart

From: Nutrition Almanac, by John D. Kirschmann

Beef Lamb Veal Chicken Duck Goose Turkey
Amount 1lb 1lb 1lb 1 1 1 1
Weight: gm 454 454 454 32 44 94 102
Vitamin A 199130 229070 102060 6576 17559 29138 18403
Vitamin B1 1.16 1.81 .9 .044 .528 .062
Vitamin B2 14.79 14.9 12.3 .628 .838 2.21
Vitamin B6 14 1.36 3.04 .24 .72 .78
Vitamin B12 363 472 272 7.35 23.7 64.6
Biotin 454 454
Niacin 61.6 76.5 51.8 2.96 6.11 10.35
35 32.7 36.3 1.98 7.81
Folic Acid .99 .99 236 752
Vitamin C 140 152 161 10.8 4.6
Vitamin E 6.36
Calcium 36 45 36 3 5 40 7
Copper 12.7 25 36 .126 2.62 7.07 .512
Iron 29.5 49.4 39.9 2.74 13.4 11
Magnesium 59 64 73 6 23 21
Manganese 1.23 1.04 .083 .294
Phosphorus 1597 1583 1510 87 118 245 319
Potassium 1275 916 1275 73 216 303
Selenium 206
Sodium 617 236 331 25 132 98
Zinc 17 17 .98 2.53
Total Fat 17.5 19.6 21.3 1.23 2.04 4.03 4.05
Saturated Fat 6.8 6.9 42 .63 1.49 1.28
Unsaturated Fat 5 6.63 .5 .59 1 1.73
Cholesterol 1360 1361 1361 140 227 475

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